Thursday Pictures – Dingo

Thursday 3 June 2021 – 7.30pm @ Killara Centre, Camperdown


Australia 1991 PG Drama/Musical 1hr 49min

A highlight for fans of jazz!

On a hot day in outback Western Australia in 1969, legendary American jazz trumpeter Billy Cross (Miles Davis) performs an impromptu concert on the tarmac after his plane makes an unscheduled stop. Among the stunned audience is John Anderson (Daniel Scott), aged nine, who decides on the spot to become a trumpet player. Twenty years later, John (Colin Friels) is making a meagre living tracking dingoes and playing trumpet in a local band. He still dreams of joining Billy on trumpet and makes a pilgrimage to meet his idol.

This is an Australian classic from 1991 and features jazz great Miles Davis in his only acting appearance.

A highlight for fans of jazz and those who believe that dreams can come true. It screens at 7.30pm on Thursday 3 June 2021 in the Killara Centre, Camperdown.

$10 entry for guests or $30 for a 3 x film membership subscription. The entry fee includes supper and refreshments after the screening.

For more information, contact


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