Thursday Pictures – Chinese Takeaway

Thursday 1 April 2021 – 7.30pm @ Killara Centre, Camperdown

Chinese Takeaway

Argentina 2011 M Comedy/Drama 1hr 33min

Something quirky for April Fool’s Day:
Destiny’s intersections are many, and some can even explain a cow falling from the sky!

Meet Roberto, a meticulous and gruff hardware store owner who maintains a firm belief in the value of control. Enter Jun, a disoriented and stranded Chinese man, new to Buenos Aires and searching for his uncle. Can the two find common ground despite being polar opposites?

$10 entry for guests or $30 for a 3 x film membership subscription. The entry fee includes supper and refreshments after the screening.

For Covid safety – if social distancing is not possible, mask wearing is recommended. Contact details will be required on arrival. 

For more information, contact


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