Corangamite Film Festival 2016

Running this year from 26-28 August

Corangamite Film Festival 2016 Program

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Last chance to catch a Thursday night screening in 2015…

Your last chance to attend a 2015 Thursday night screening will be on 5th November.  Come along to the Killara Centre, Camperdown at 7.30pm to see ‘Fading Gigolo’ (more details here).  Thanks to all members and guests for a fantastic year of sharing films and food, we look forward to seeing you all one final time for 2015!

June screening – ‘One Night the Moon’

‘One Night the Moon’ (Australia, 2001, rated M, drama/musical, 57 minutes)

Thursday 5th June, 7pm – Killara Centre, Camperdown

‘One Night the Moon’ is based on the true story a girl who disappears in 1932, stepping out of her bedroom after being entranced by the moon.  When her parents discover that she is missing, an Aboriginal tracker (Albert) offers to help – but his assistance is not appreciated by all involved.

A must-see for any Paul Kelly fans – he stars in this film, and provides the musical score.

FREE entry for members – guests $10 per person to cover supper costs